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Hot 89.9 Media TestimonialLive 88.5 Media Testimonial

ENS Media has made a difference in our business.   Inevitably, the combined impact of the seminars, weekly tips and field guides has led to more meetings and exponential sales for my team.  I count myself lucky to have you on our team in Ottawa.  Thanks for your passion!  Keep up the stellar work.

Mark Russett

General Sales Manager, Newcap Radio Ottawa
The New Hot 89.9 (CIHT) and LiVE 88.5 (CILV)

As we plan for another successful new year, I wanted to thank you for helping us increase our sales by almost 80% over the past four years. Your impact on our firm can only be described as transformational.


Your training in management and sales best-practices has been equally valuable to our sales people and our management team. You've really helped us totally re-engineer our entire sales department.

We now have stronger sales performance and better relationships with our accounts.
If you need a recommendation for your services, please have anyone call me!


Doug Bingley
President, GM, Central Ontario Broadcasting


Newcap Radio Testimonial


Just to let you know that when the first issue [of SoundADvice] dropped yesterday, I had 3 responses immediately telling me how much they enjoyed it and, more importantly, 2 of them have turned into a buy. One of them is a yearly that I had been trying to sell since January ($19,000) and one a heavy up for next month ($1400). If you are talking to Wayne Ens, a tip of my aussie hat to him!!

Craig Topping
Newcap Radio

Classic Rock C103.1 FM

Hi, Wayne

With the help of SoundADvice, I was able to get a brand new $10,000 order.  This is a client I only contacted a few times per year and he never did much in terms of a consistent campaign. 

By being “in his face” with the weekly SoundADvice, he started asking for the extra info which was a great opportunity to start up conversations about branding, the strengths of sound / radio in helping to achieve top of mind awareness and finally he bought into the concept and we closed a $10,000 deal for the 4th quarter.


He has seen some pretty promising results in the last 3 months and just bought another $10,000 campaign for the first quarter. Thanks for doing these Wayne. 

It’s not uncommon for some of my clients to actually reply to one of my SoundADvice newsletters to ask about booking some airtime or ask for a meeting.  The Newsletters are a nice reminder for the clients and they read them on “their” time.

Maryse Arseneau, BBA, CRM
Account Manager / Représentante Publicitaire

97.1 FM The 'Vill Rocks

Exciting news: A client of mine requested our last SoundAdvice "How to Leverage Your Suppliers' Marketing Muscle" and I visited with her today.  I geared my proposal towards the issue and sold her a SIX MONTH contract starting in January! I had been working with her in small doses (selling one month at a time) and could not get an appointment long enough to discuss her overall marketing plan.



Not only will she benefit from getting more repetition  that vendor support affords , but the long term agreement allows her to push listeners through the buying cycle.  In addition, I can write a better ad for her because  the dialogue this SoundADvice opened helped me learn more about what she is trying to accomplish. 

I hope that this testimonial will help you show other clients the value of your product.  Thank you!

Rachael King 
Marketing Specialist, 97-1 The 'Vill KVVL/ Pickup Country KNIM

The Fox 105.3 FM Testimonial

Hello Wayne,

I have a meeting with Massive Graphics this afternoon at 2pm.  This meeting is to sign a contract to bring them back on radio.  I give you 100% of the credit for this. 

Your SoundADvice council is very much appreciated Wayne.

C.W. Sean Mullin
105.3 FM The Fox

Giant FM 91.7 Testimonial

I have to say, lately I have been really appreciating Sound Advice – I have prospects that after time I give up on or let too much time elapse between visits and 3 times in the last two weeks, when I fully expected to have to work on them from scratch I was thrilled when they greeted me by name and talked to me about SoundADvice!!!

 It keeps me in their face constantly and the ground work is almost completely laid and I can walk in and ask for the sale (even if I was a bit later than I should have been following up)! 

Cassandra Best
Account Executive, 91.7 GIANT FM

Taz Media Inc. Testimonial

SoundAdvice! It’s a big deal in Canada, but so far it’s only in a few US markets.  So it’s a find.  Wayne Ens has developed a market exclusive e-marketing system targeting  both current customers and prospects. This thing is solid. I find it very reasonable for the return and  recommend you take a peek at it.

Jim Taszarek
TazMedia, Inc. Scottsdale, Arizona

Bartended One Corp

I read each SoundADvice and pick out the points that directly apply to my marketing plan and implement them every week.  By making little changes each week, the plan gets stronger.

Keep sending them!

Bartender One Corp


WSEN 92.1 FM Marketing Testimonial

One of the ways that my sales team stays ahead of the competition is through our partnership with Wayne Ens.  I don't know if you're familiar with his 'Sound Advice' weekly e-mail newsletter that offers excellent marketing and advertising advice.  It's designed to be sent to Direct Local Businesses, with my sales reps name and picture on it, and is a great way to put our logo, rep name and valuable information in our clients (and potential clients) hands every week without fail.


The best part is – the articles never divulge ALL the information the client would want – so there's a built-in option to 'request more information' in every issue, which is then delivered in person, by our sales rep.  Think about it – it becomes an invitation by the client to come see them about information they want!  

Best regards,

Judy Kelly
General Manager  Buckley Radio - WSEN / WFBL  Syracuse, NY 

Hot 89.9 Media TestimonialLive 88.5 Motivational Testimonial

I just wanted to take a moment to send along a note of thanks.  Over the last few years, Sound Advice has become a valued tool for my team in the Ottawa market.  It has allowed us to position ourselves as educated marketers who offer more to key clients and prospective businesses than our competitors.  It has provided us with frequent “touch points” with hundreds of business owners and marketing executives in the region.  

Mark Russett
General Sales Manager, Newcap Radio Ottawa
The New Hot 89.9 (CIHT) and LiVE 88.5 (CILV)

Workshops & Seminars

Rock 95.5 FM / Kool 1075. FM

Wayne - Wanted to thank you for the big changes I am starting to see around here. They all flow from your Coaching seminar.

I am starting to see an amazing change come over [one of our account executives]. I wouldn't have believed someone could change so quickly. It will take a bit of time to break old habits formed by the sales reps, but I now believe that all of your other training will start to pay off.  


Not only has this changed [him], I am seeing great results from my perspective as well. I have never felt better about managing, not do I believe I have done a better job.  That includes here at Rock 95 and 5 years as a manager at Bell Canada). All of the other managers are doing a better job, their staff is starting to respond to coaching.

Thanks for all of your help!

Doug Bingley
President, GM
Kool 107.5 FM, Rock 95FM

Louisiana Association of Broadcasters

Earlier this year the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters presented a sales seminar. Wayne Ens was the trainer. I was very impressed with Wayne’s message particularly in light of the new digital media we face. It is a presentation on radio that inspires and positions us correctly against the newspaper, yellow pages and search media. It is information and positioning that every seller and advertiser should be aware of.

Lewis Dick
Louisiana Association of Broadcasters


Mix 97 Marketing Testimonial

We were very pleased to work with Wayne Ens on his Strategic Marketing Alliances system.  It’s an excellent system. The entire process was clearly laid out, making the execution of the SMA easy and effective.  Having Wayne as our external marketing consultant added credibility to our presentation, and helped make it “client focused” instead of “station driven.”  By following the Ens Media Strategic Marketing Alliance system, we increased our station revenue by more than $70,000 in one presentation from a client who never used radio before. 

Thanks Wayne!!       

Jody Brooker, Sales Manager
MIX97 / ROCK107 / CJBQ800

WSEN 92.1 Motivational Testimonial

When the economy first started to 'take the turn south' – we hosted a seminar for our clients, "Preparing for the Boom" with Wayne as our guest speaker.  It was full of great information on how successful businesses have 'weathered the storm' in past economic down-turns, and ways to stay ahead of your competition.  It benefited both my sales team and the clients that came to the seminar.



I know this sounds like a 'ringing endorsement' for Wayne Ens – and well it should!  His service is very reasonably priced and is invaluable. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to call me to discuss.

Best regards,

Judy Kelly
General Manager, Buckley Radio - WSEN / WFBL  Syracuse, NY 

The Madoc and District Chamber of Commerce

Dear Wayne

On behalf of The Madoc and District Chamber of Commerce I would like to compliment you on the workshop you facilitated for the local business community on September 28. The topics covered in your “Increasing Sales in the New Economy” session spoke directly to the challenges faced by businesses in this very competitive environment.



I find myself quoting from your presentation and workbook during discussions with local merchants and service providers. I can see great value in repeating your workshop in the new year. We’ll be in touch.

Thanks again.


Jim Bakker

Spirit 92.9 Workshop Testimonial

Wayne provided great ideas with immediate applications and his workshop was not just a warm-up pitch for his services. 

Mike Moffett
Sales Manager KKJM, St. Cloud, MN 


Rock 95.5 FM / Kool 107.5 FM

All of my managers are more productive thanks to Wayne’s introduction to strategically-planned meetings and one-on-one coaching.

Doug Bingley
President, Central Ontario Broadcasting, Canada 


CTV Bell Media Testimonial

Since attending the Waterloo seminar our 4 Account Executives have written 51 “customized” client proposals, 2 of which combined for $24,234 in billings.

Virtually all of our proposals now contain some of the elements as presented.  A dialogue on Yellow Page usage is now a regular part of our sales calls. Everyone feels very confident with the new approach and plans to continue utilizing it.

Thanks again Wayne.

Paul Woodhouse
Bell Media

WVBA - West Virginia Broadcasters Association

Dear Wayne, 

On behalf of the WVBA Broadcasters Association I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our two Sales Seminars.  I really feel like our members received a top notch presentation.  I always know someone is a hit when attendees stay after to grab more time with the speaker.   


I hope you enjoyed your time in West Virginia and join us again someday.  I know our membership would be happy to have you back and learn more about your sales philosophy and technique.  I will definitely be letting other Executive Directors across the country know what a great, informative, and useful presentation you presented to our members. 


Michele C. Crist
Executive Director

Hot 89.9 Marketing SeminarLive 88.5 Marketing Testimony

I wanted to make mention of your in market seminars.  For three consecutive years, you have come to Ottawa and made compelling presentations to Ottawa’s business elite at our invitation.  Your presentations have provided objective, third party expertise that has meshed well with our own business philosophies.  They have provided much food for thought for clients and prospects alike and provided tangible, tactical real world execution applicable for virtually any business.  Your approach has always been thoughtful and entertaining, while garnering rave reviews from our invited guests.

Mark Russett

General Sales Manager, Newcap Radio Ottawa
The New Hot 89.9 (CIHT) and LiVE 88.5 (CILV)

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Winning in the New Media Economy

Winning in the New Media Economy
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